Craft Fair

St. Elizabeth Seton hosts a craft fair once a year to allow the many artists and other crafters of the Parish and in the greater community to display and sell their handy work. The craft fair is generally held in November each year. The craft fair committee is always looking for volunteers to assist with coordinating the craft fair bake sale, sale of raffle tickets, donation of gift certificates and gifts from outside vendors, set up and take down, and generally people to work the Parish table, bake sale and raffle sale the actual day of the craft fair. Meetings in preparation for the November craft fair generally start right after Labor Day. However, volunteers are always needed to assist with advertising, posting up notices, searching for crafters, etc.

The craft fair generally consists of: up to 60 crafters, a bake sale, a Parish raffle, a Parish craft table, and a hot food sale.

Our 2015 Craft Fair is going to be on November 14, 2015.

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